The “Balt” soft plastic lure combines a big tail and flat-sided body to give a very natural and high pitch rolling action.

It is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing and as expected on launching in 2015 has attracted a big following by anglers right across Australia.

The Balt soft plastic lure comes in sizes 3.5”, 4” and 6”.

The Balt has been generating strong appeal through its actions ability to induce a bite by producing different waves from other shad-tail lures.

That ‘different wave’ is an intense flickering effect which is produced by the Balt’s flat-side body.



That Balt is a breeze to retrieve while still producing an enticing trail of water which makes it easy to keep the range at a deeper distance.

Balt comes in a range of realistic colours that has proved effective for rockfish and flatfish. The three available sizes mean you also have options when deciding what fish species, you want to target with various rigs.

Naturally for smaller baitfish you would employ the 3.5” Balt lure and work your way up from there.

The 4” Balt is the best size search-bait when exploring a wide range of fish.

The 6” Balt is the one you want to grab when chasing something bigger with an appropriate set-up.

Whatever you are chasing the range of Balt soft plastic lures is a fulfilling line-up that broadens your options.

Length (inch / mm)

3.5″ / 88mm

4″ / 102mm

6″ / 140mm





Balt is produced by Ecogear and is available now at Mossops Tackle World.