The O.S.P Bent Minnow 76 is one of the most unique lures on the market. O.S.P Bent Minnow 76Combining the action of a shallow diving jerkbait and a topwater lure into one supremely deadly package.

The Bent Minnow floats on the surface like an injured baitfish. Imply a gentle twitch and the lure tries to dive under the surface. Perfectly imitating a struggling baitfish.

Work the bait more aggressively and the true appeal of this lure becomes apparent. Working just sub surface the Bent Minnow exhibits a very erratic action, appealing to any nearby predators.

It’s real shape and action creates illusion:

Bent Minnow 76 was developed to get more bite under high-pressure condition caused by many anglers or in the lake which has smaller baitfish. Even though it was downsized from the Bent Minnow 86, overwhelming tempting power is still effective and it lures fish by

ultimate 3D natural dart action.

The maximum feature bent body reproduces small fish lying on the surface of water unable to swim. The fact that by just letting it stay on the water, fish react which definitely proves its effectiveness. Besides this visual element, unparalleled one and only action should be specially mentioned. 3D dart action of an upper and lower, right and left diagonal is very illusive to fish and make them bite without any doubt.

O.S.P Bent Minnow 76


Static condition of Bent Minnow seen from under water appears to be easy-to- hunt bait fish which looks dying. Real color of plug tempts targets with real coquettishness and when it starts to move, it appeals naturally with curved line flashing which only bent body can create. The effect demonstrates to not only fish eater but to even birds of prey that have 8 times better eyesight than human being. So, Bent minnow is really living lure.


What Bent Minnow aimed at is natural action that exceeds normal lure, namely “body curving action” which pencil bait and short-lip minnow can never create. It darts 3D tricky dart unable to foresee which way to bend. Moreover, in order to perform dying small fish, it swings its head by just soft rod work like when you try to tighten line slug. And because it moves only short distance when you give the action, you can lure the target at one spot. That’s a big advantage. That original action which is neither possible by lure with lip nor lipless minnow shows tremendous performance. Basic action is dead sticking, soft twitch, continuous surface twitch, simple retrieve.


Bent Minnow 76Dead sticking

Putting the lure on the surface of water for a while and sometimes giving short pitch shake makes slight wake. Dying action by making it dive by slight twitch and let it float and lie is very effective.


Bent Minnow 76Soft twitch

By repeating twitch a few times and letting it stay on the water, you can produce small fish chasing madly hatching insects.


Bent Minnow 76Continuous twitch on the surface of water

It reproduces panicking small fish trying to escape from bass by jumping out of water. It can be said that the success rate of boil fishing (cast lure amid fish boil) is beyond imagination.


Bent Minnow 76Simple retrieve

Rolling action which create weak wave motion brought by slow retrieve is almost like exhausting small fish after spawning.

Bent Minnow 763D dart action

3D tricky dart action is unable to foresee whether to bend. That transcended the region of lure. It can dive in the water naturally like rise of small fish.


Designed by renowned Japanese bass angler Toshinari Namiki, O.S.P lures have been hailed as one of Japan’s best lure makers! Namiki is renowned for unique designs and prides himself on implementing new and exciting materials to produce truly perfect lures.

O.S.P have some of the most unique and interesting lures on the market. Not only do these look different to anything else out there but the key to their success lies in their also highly original swimming action.