“It’s all about stealth! You’ve got to think about your approach along with timing your run in”.

It’s the tried and tested method used for chasing Mackerel around the top of Moreton Bay by Sean Conlon from Moreton Bay Fishing Charters and Tuition.

“The last thing you want to do is drive straight into where the birds are hovering above. Really think about your approach”, Sean said.

“You will notice the birds getting lower and lower and when they get down close to the surface you know the Mackerel are getting ready to bust up”.

Naturally the Mackerel are pushing up the two to three-inch white bait which attracts the birds.

“With the wind at your back and engine cut, you need to time your stealth drift in as the pack starts to bust up”, Sean said.

“The wind at your back will also help with your cast and if you’ve got it right, in many respects it’s then a relatively simple task of ripping your lure through the pack’, Sean added.

The average sized Mackerel caught by Sean and the crews on board the Moreton Bay Charter boat in recent weeks have been between 65-75cm.

Having the appropriate sized lure is also a major determining factor in landing any of the current Mackerel in the Bay.

“The little 15-20 gram slugs have been working best over the last week in particular gold. As soon as I went to the bigger lures they went away, so you want slugs that mimic what the Mackerel are eating”, Sean said.

There’s a number of other factors that go into landing the current Mackerel at the top of the Bay, which includes the time of day and time of year.

You’ll have a harder time catching them during the day around the full moon as they’ve been feeding all night. The key here is to avoid the full moon and fish early in the morning.

To really learn the secrets of the Bay​ you can receive personal coaching from Sean covering everything from techniques, lines to gear and lures to employ.

Sean celebrates his 50th birthday this Sunday. His knowledge has been forged having spent the majority of those years fishing.

The tuitions come with the personal acknowledgement of Mossops Tackle World owner and experienced angler Peter Stanley.

“As you start to learn about the how, when and why of fishing you can’t help but want to learn even more and this is where Sean Conlon comes in. Go by yourself, with your partner or grab a few mates – just do it! What you’ll learn is brilliant”, Peter said.

In the meantime, remember to ‘stay stealthy’ when chasing Mackerel on the Bay.

Moreton Bay Charters cater for the whole family, from youngsters heading out to catch their first fish with Mum and Dad, to experienced Anglers.

Sean has worked all over Australia, from the Top End to the Southern Ocean. He has built a reputation among his peers as a knowledgeable, down to earth, easy to talk to Guide who is patient and takes the time to make sure you get the results.