product_21059GT Ice cream lures originated in South Africa and were made originally for the giant trevally (GT’s) that hunt the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

The story of the name comes from one of the guys originally prototyping them when he said the GT’s hit the plug so hard and so much, that it was like ice cream to them! With great success in the Indian Ocean, we thought the plugs would work well all over the world.

The GT Ice Cream Needle Nose range are injection moulded and come in a variety of fish catching colors.

The Needle Nose looks like the Skinny but is actually a little shorter with a wider profile.

It too is also designed for super long casts in most conditions and can handle a small chop very well.

gt-ice-cream-logoA slower retrieve with a high rod tip produces a strong side-to-side nose action.

The Needle Nose is the best all round lure for inshore and offshore, for all surface feeding predators.

Comes pre-rigged with a very sharp assist style hook for easy hookups and releases.

The new colours make it very appealing to fish when they are focused new-needle-nose-4oz-coloursone particular coloured bait.

Fisherman can now “match the hatch” by holding multiple colours of the same lure.

The range and sizes of topwaters are deadly on all surface feeding predators.

You will experience the most veracious topwater hits on our lures, ever!

If you have the passion for topwater fishing like we do, try one of our lures, you won’t be disappointed.


South Africa has long since been a rock and surf fishing hotspot. Fisherman there deal with strong winds and high seas, but there many exciting species to target.

For this reason, fisherman have to be innovative in order to compete in these harsh conditions.

With increasing technology, especially in surf fishing rods, reels and line, GT products are perfect additions to this high quality equipment.

Try one of GT Ice Cream plugs today and see how far you can cast!