Jackson Quiet Beats soft vibe lure

The Quiet Beats is new to Jackson Lures and sets itself apart from the rest of the soft-body lure range through a number of exciting features.

The Jackson Quiet Beats soft vibe lure attracts a wide range of fish including Sea Bass, Flathead and Jewfish.

The colours are distinctive but it’s major asset is the producing of a soft vibration – thus the name Quiet Beats.

The soft vibration is the end-result of the lures elastomer body which produces a very natural and lively action.

It’s super sensitive and works with the slightest draw of the rod tip and can be actioned through either a slow or fast retrieve along with a jerking lift and fall motion.

This soft vibe falls in a horizontal life-like position and its fish catcher reputation is further enhanced through its elongated lively tail.

The super sharp edge on the surface of the lure produces the soft vibration and its life-like journey through the water is the result of a well-balanced and shaped belly weight.

This Jackson Lure boasts a wire through constructions and super strong hardware and are available in 11g and 18g size in 10 colours.

Quiet Beats 11

  • length: 69,0 mm
  • weight: 11,0 g
  • sinking (S)
  • depth: 1,0-3,0 m

Quiet Beats 18

  • length: 86,0 mm
  • weight: 18,0 g
  • sinking (S)
  • depth: 1,0-3,0 m

The Jackson Quiet Beats are a design collaboration between Australian anglers and Jackson’s Japanese lure engineers.

The Quiet Beats prove that not all soft vibes are the same, where finite details make major performance differences.