The Jackson R.A. Pop Lures is a small popper with big impact.

From saltwater or freshwater pursuits, the efficiency and versatility and R.A. Pop makes it a must-have tackle box inclusion in around the coastal regions of south-east Queensland and of course the beautiful Bays.

Jackson R.A. Pop Lures

Of interest the R.A. Pop was originally designed to catch sea-bass, whiting and founder on Lake Hamana which is Japans 10th largest lake but it’s success saw it spread to the coastal and bay areas.

Equipped with trebles, the Jackson R.A. Pop is designed to float in the vertical position on the pause while the head produces a subtle sound which alerts rather than alarms the most docile of fish.

Very easy to animate, the special head produces an enticing pop without sticking in the water.

The R.A. Pop by design naturally actions in a balanced position resulting in either swimming and slipping on the surface.

It comes in a range of colours to cater for all conditions. For use in sunlight the semi-transparent style lures are recommended as they facilitate the passage of light creating very natural glows.

During low-light conditions the holograms and fluorescent styles come into play.

Jackson R.A. Pop Lures Jackson R.A. Pop Lures Jackson R.A. Pop Lures Jackson R.A. Pop Lures Jackson R.A. Pop Lures Jackson R.A. Pop Lures

Weighing 7 grams the lure makes for a very reliable cast – even into the wind!

The Jackson R.A. Pop really is a fantastic lure, easy to use and plenty of fun.

Size:        7cm

Type:      Floating

Weight:  7g

Mossops Tackle World which is on the way Bayside Brisbane is an exclusive stockist of a large range of Jackson Lures.

Jackson R.A. Pop Lures