The Jackson Risk Bait’s action is a surface lure with a difference.

Unlike the conventional stick-bait that zigzag through the water the Jackson Risk Bait Lure stands upright and on the retrieve is pushed through the water.

This silent and swift Risk Bait lure is best used through the lakes and estuaries and is comfortably handled with an ultra-light light set-up.

Around the harbours and the likes of the Raby Bay Canal the detailed presentation of the Risk Bait lure will make all the difference in hooking-up.

An interesting aspect of the Jackson Risk Bait lure is when there’s an absence of wind, employing the walking-the-dog action really comes into play.

And like all surface lures, you can alternate between the ‘long slide’ or the ‘stop and go’ which gives better results at certain times during your lure game.

The unique upright stance of the Jackson Risk Bait is set to make it somewhat of a specialist lure that you just have to give a try.

It has already captured the imagination of the European market through France and in particular the around the Mediterranean coastal fisheries with the calmer waters.

Jackson Risk Bait Jackson Risk Bait Jackson Risk Bait Jackson Risk Bait Jackson Risk Bait Jackson Risk Bait

This lure from the coveted Jackson stable is a must have in the tackle box when fishing in these more placid conditions.

Mossops Tackle World is an exclusive supplier of Jackson Lures.


  • Length: 70mm
  • Weight: 7g
  • Type: Floating Hard Body