Matt Visser

As the name suggests, Slide Baiting is the action of sliding bait down your line with the use of a grapnel sinker.

This coming Thursday 22nd February is your opportunity to become familiar with this style of fishing from Perth based South African expat Matt Visser from Assassin’s Tackle.

As Matt explains, Slide Baiting is a tremendous experience and a style that can be quickly mastered.

Grapnel Hook

The first trick of getting into fishing is learning how to cast and it’s for this very reason that ‘Slide Baiting’ is very easy to get the hang of.

The very first action is to attach a grapnel hook to your line and throw it out as far as you can. The weight of the grapnel will give you plenty of distance and it’s for this reason this style of fishing kicked off.

You can understand the thought processes of how slide baiting came to life as anglers struggled to cast their bait out far enough.

Once the sinker has set itself in the sand the bait, attach to the slide clip (see picture) naturally with the line and bait attached.

Then with a firm line let go of the clip and watch it slide down towards your next big catch.

At the Mossops Tackle Assassin’s Tackle Information night, Matt will go through the various equipment and the technicalities.

He is also looking forward to speaking with those slide baiting experts from around south east Queensland on the night and learning from their experiences.

Assassin Tackle has two specialised Slide Baiting rods in the Beach Master and the Surf. A slide bait fishing rod is typically 12+ foot with a more stiff and heavy blank.

The Mossops Tackle World Assassin Tackle information night promises to be a fun and very informative evening with a Sausage sizzle and drinks available.

And to celebrate it Mossops Tackle World owner Peter Stanley will hold a 20% off storewide sale excluding electronics.