It’s one of those dreaded occasions just as you’ve hooked something big …  wind knot!

While it can happen to the best of us, spooling your reel correctly goes a very long way to preventing knots or the likes, from happening.

Spooling your fishing reel correctly is now even more important if you’ve moved into braided line.

Braid fishing line is becoming the choice of many anglers due to it being very sensitive to fish bites as it has no stretch plus it’s also less current resistant which is great for trolling, aids castings length and you can fit more of it on your reel.

It’s ultra-important to lay the line evenly and to have it put on tight and the best way to do this is with a spooling machine.


“Spooling your reel correctly the first time is so important for the future of your fishing ease as wind knots and all that sort of thing all come from the way your reel is being spooled up right from the very start,” Mossops Bait & Tackle’s Peter Stanley said.

Spooling reels is a service Mossops Bait & Tackle offers and Peter adds getting the braid from the bulk spools will save you money compared to getting it off the shelf.


Mossops has a number of bulk spool braids available in all the various sizes.

  • SpiderWire Camo
  • Shimano PowerPro (Depth Hunter or Yellow PowerPro)
  • Penn Super X
  • Daiwa J-Braid

spiderwire-stealth-camo shimano-power-pro-depth-hunter shimano-power-pro-yellow penn-super-x daiwa-j-braid-multicolor

Another very important requirement when spooling a reel with braid is backing. While many reels now come with a braided-mono-backingrubber insert for backing for those that don’t you’ll need to apply this durable tape with Braided Mono Backing the solid option.

The braid will then grip to the spool but if you don’t the braid will spin on the spool when you catch something of a descent size.

If you’ve never used braid before there are a few other tricks to it. All the experienced anglers that work at Mossops Bait & Tackle will be happy to get you up to speed.