It’s for very good reasons the words ‘precious cargo’ refers to children when it comes to gaining your boating license through Bayside Boat Licensing.

It’s one of the first descriptions you’ll hear when training begins.

“The far majority of boaties are families with their loved one’s on board and drawing attention to their ‘precious cargo’ sets the platform for them to best focus on becoming the best skipper they can be”, Bayside Boat Licensing owner operator Col Hinder said.

Unlike gaining a vehicle license there is nothing visible that distinguishes an experienced boatie from a rookie – there’s no P or L plates. You are either a licensed boatie or not.

“We have quite a task in making absolutely sure our clients are more than ready to take command of a vessel and it’s a responsibility we take extreme care with in a fun and interactive manner’, Col said.

While all the rules and regulations are specifically designed to create


optimum boating safety, there are a number of very key components.

Rule number 5 in the ‘Collision Regulations’ is ‘Keeping a proper lookout’.

It reads; A good lookout through sight and sound must be kept at all times. Be aware of the boating environment and take extra precautions in bad weather, restricted visibility and darkness to assist with the early detection of other boats in the area.

“Whoever is in control of a boat must use every means possible to know what crafts are around along with obstacles which includes challenging conditions”.

At the end of the day knowing what conditions are expected and the implications is a common sense outlook.

So always check the weather before you even decide to head out and be absolutely certain that conditions will be favourable to your experience”, Col said.

The Bureau of Meteorology website, known as BOM, is at

Col’s catch!

If the conditions are good the next thing you need to get in order is provisions such as food and water.

“A deal of boaties do get stuck and you most certainly don’t want to be caught for 10 hours without food or water. Preparing for the worst is the best advice I can give’, Col said.

“It’s also important to have all your safety gear in a grab-bag close to the helm for quick and easy access and to know how to use it – plus check the expiry dates and if you are going boating, tell someone where you’re going”!

Col at Mossops Tackle World

While Col is a very familiar face to the thousands of South-East-Queenslanders who have obtained their boating license, he’s also known as an experienced angler and is always at the ready to provide tips.

Since 2017, Col has been a key member of the expanded Mossops Tackle World team at Shore St. West, Ormiston (Cleveland). You can see him in-store on Mondays and Thursdays.

Boating lessons are every Saturday and Sunday at Redland Bay and on Wednesday at Victoria Point.

To obtain your boat licence and all the associated expert skills heads to

You can prepare online by downloading a FREE eBook and then test yourself prior to the course with an online interactive quiz.

The engaging and interactive experience will arm you with all the skills to keep your precious cargo safe.